10 Common Reasons Big Green Egg Not Closing Properly( Solution)

Have you ever noticed that your Big Green Egg is not closing properly? 

Don’t worry, while this issue could be cause for concern, there are several potential solutions you can easily put into place. 

In this blog post, we will show you how to easily resolve any issues and ensure your Big Green Egg remains safely closed throughout the cooking process. 

Big Green Egg Not Closing Properly

Big Green Egg Not Closing Properly

1. Clogged vents

Clogged vents can be a common issue when trying to close the Big Green Egg. 

This happens when the egg’s upper and lower vents become clogged with ashes, grease, or other debris, causing an airtight seal to be disrupted. 

The clogging of vents can also restrict airflow, which affects temperature regulation during cooking.

In order to clear out the vents, users will need to use a fireplace bellows or a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. 

The user should start by gently blowing all around the top vent and then move on to the bottom one. 

It is important that both vents are cleared of any debris or blockages as this will ensure proper airflow.

2. Inadequate sealant

Inadequate sealant could be a major factor in why the Big Green Egg is not closing properly. 

The sealant prevents air leaks from occurring, and if it is insufficient, the egg will not close properly. 

Poorly sealed eggs can lead to uneven cooking, too much smoke escaping, and difficulty controlling the temperature inside. 

To ensure the Big Green Egg is properly sealed, use a high-quality silicone sealant around the lid and around any gaps between the lid and pot. 

Make sure to apply the sealant liberally to create a tight seal. 

Additionally, check periodically for cracks or damage that could be causing air leaks and repair them as needed using fresh silicone sealant. 

3. Damaged gasket

A properly sealed Big Green Egg is vital in order to create the desired cooking results. The seal is created by a gasket that lines the lid of the Egg. 

If the gasket has been damaged or worn out, it will struggle to keep an airtight seal and cause problems with cooking temperatures.

When a gasket becomes damaged, it can often be repaired or replaced depending on its state of wear and tear. 

If there is any damage to the metal step-lip feature, then it should be replaced as soon as possible regardless of how much wear and tear there may be.

It can be helpful to inspect the gasket for signs of wear and tear on a regular basis in order to prevent discrepancies in cooking temperatures. 

This can also help identify potential issues before they become more serious and costly repairs are required.

4 . Lid not closing correctly

The lid not closing correctly is a common issue with Big Green Eggs. 

This issue can be caused by anything from the lid hinge being dirty or misaligned, to the gasket not being sealed properly, or even something as simple as user error such as overfilling the Egg with charcoal, causing an imbalance in weight and pressure. 

The fix for this problem usually requires performing a quick inspection of all parts involved.

For example, if the issue is related to the lid alignment or dirtiness, simply wipe down the hinge with a damp cloth and then make sure that it is firmly secure in its respective places. 

If there isn’t an obvious blockage or misalignment, then check to see if the gasket is undamaged and properly seated around the edge of the lid. 

If it’s been damaged in any way, it may need to be replaced before it can seal properly.

5 . Loose hardware/screws/bolts

If the Big Green Egg is not closing properly, it might be because of loose hardware, screws, or bolts. 

The Big Green Egg assembly kit typically contains several screws and bolts used to secure the components together. 

If these are not tightened securely, it can cause the lid to not quite shut all the way, which can lead to a loss of heat or smoke. 

To fix this issue, check all of the screws and bolts in the assembly kit to make sure they are tight. If necessary, use a screwdriver or wrench to ensure that they are properly tightened.”

6 . Bent or warped frame

Bent or warped frames on the Big Green Egg can be caused by several factors, such as excessive force being applied to open the lid or a temperature that is too high for prolonged periods of time. 

When this happens, the frame may become damaged and unable to form its original shape. 

This will prevent the Big Green Egg from closing properly and make it difficult to contain heat within the egg.

The solution for a bent or warped frame is to check for any distortions in the metal and then use a mallet or other tool to gently hammer it back into place. 

If this does not work, then you should replace the frame with another one that has been designed specifically for your Big Green Egg model. 

Additionally, it is important to avoid applying too much force while opening and closing the lid of your Big Green Egg, as this could cause further damage. 

Finally, having proper ventilation when using your Big Green Egg will reduce extreme temperatures that can lead to metal warping over time.

7 . Dirty grill grate

Dirty grill grates are a common problem for Big Green Egg owners. When the grates are dirty, the lid will often not close properly. 

This is due to grease buildup and debris on the grates preventing them from fitting snugly against the dome of the egg. 

To fix this, it is important to periodically clean your grill grates with a wire brush or grill scraper – removing any food particles, grease, or debris that may have accumulated over time. 

Also, use a degreaser or hot water and soap to scrub away any stubborn residue. 

Finally, make sure you dry off the grates thoroughly before putting them back in place so as not to cause rusting or other damage to your Big Green Egg.

8 . Incorrect assembly process

The Big Green Egg is a unique and versatile ceramic charcoal cooker that is extremely popular with grilling enthusiasts. 

However, one common issue with the Big Green Egg is that, because of its complex assembly process, it can sometimes be difficult to close properly. 

If the closing mechanism isn’t assembled correctly, it can lead to air leakage and uneven cooking temperatures.

To ensure that the Big Green Egg closes properly and provides even cooking temperatures, it’s important to make sure you assemble the parts in the correct order. 

The lid should be placed over the top of the body as far down as possible before securing any of the screws or clamps. 

This will help ensure a tight seal between the lid and the base of the cooker.

9 . Contaminated firebox

Contaminated fireboxes are common in Big Green Egg grills, resulting from the buildup of smoke and oil residue. 

This can cause the dome to become stuck and not close properly. 

To rectify this issue, it is important to clean the inner surface of the firebox with a dry cloth or scrub brush. 

Residue can also be removed using a damp cloth and soapy water or a commercial grill cleaner. 

After cleaning, let the firebox dry completely before relighting the grill. If this does not resolve the issue, then it may require professional repair or servicing.

10 . Too much heat

Too much heat is one of the most common issues with Big Green Eggs. 

When the Egg is exposed to too much heat, the draft door seals and vents may not close properly. 

This can cause the temperature inside the Egg to become higher than desired and can also cause fuel to burn away more quickly. 

To ensure proper closing, ensure that all vents and seals are properly adjusted to ensure minimal airflow. 

Additionally, using a lower heat setting will help prevent too much heat from building up in the Egg.


The Big Green Egg is a great outdoor cooking tool, but it can be temperamental when exposed to too much heat. 

To ensure proper closing of the draft door seals and vents, make sure all adjustments are set correctly and use lower heat settings so that excess heat doesn’t build up inside the Egg. 

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious meals cooked on your Big Green Egg without any issues with its closure!


How do you realign a Big Green Egg lid?

Realigning a Big Green Egg lid involves adjusting the hinges to ensure that the lid sits properly in relation to the body of the egg. 

Ensure that all components are tightened and lubricated to allow for smoother opening and closing.

Can a Big Green Egg break?

Yes, a Big Green Egg can break if it is mishandled or dropped. 

It is important to handle the egg with care and ensure that all components are tightened and lubricated for optimal use.

How long can a Big Green Egg last?

A Big Green Egg can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. With regular cleaning and lubrication, the ceramic shell of the egg can last for decades. 

It is important to follow up with regular maintenance to ensure that the egg stays in good condition and provides optimal performance. 

How do I fix my Big Green Egg Underbite?

To fix an underbite on a Big Green Egg, check to make sure that all components are properly tightened and lubricated.

 If necessary, adjust the hinge so that it is aligned properly with the body of the egg, allowing for smoother opening and closing. 

Finally, follow up with regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance of your Big Green Egg.

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