Blackstone Grill Won’t Light (8 Eeasy Fixes!)

Having trouble getting your Blackstone Grill to light up? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. 

Many people encounter the same issue when trying to use their grill, which can be a frustrating experience. But don’t worry! 

There are several simple fixes that you can try to get your grill running properly again. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common causes of why your Blackstone Grill won’t light and how to fix them. 

Blackstone Grill Won’t Light

Blackstone Grill Won’t Light

1. Gas Leaks

If your Blackstone Grill isn’t lighting, one of the possible reasons could be gas leaks. 

The source of a gas leak can either be from the hose connecting to the tank or from the regulator itself if it is damaged or not properly secured. 


To troubleshoot, check for any visible damage to the hose and regulator and look for any signs of gas leaking out. 

If there is a leak, replace both parts and ensure they are securely tightened before trying to light the grill again.

2. Air Inlet Shutoff Valve

The air inlet shutoff valve on a Blackstone Grill regulates the amount of air that reaches the fuel, allowing it to ignite and burn. 

If this valve is clogged or faulty, then the grill will not be able to get enough oxygen to ignite and, therefore, will not light up. 


To fix this problem, the inlet valve must be inspected, cleaned, or replaced

Once the valve is in proper working order, the grill should be able to light up without an issue.

3. Burner Clogs

Burner clogs can be a common cause of Blackstone Grills, not lighting.

 This is usually due to the accumulation of grease and debris in the burner ports, which prevents the gas from flowing properly and igniting. 


To prevent this problem, you should regularly clean out accumulated grease and debris from the burner ports. 

The best way to do this is first to ensure all burners are off, then use a stiff wire brush or pipe cleaner to remove any buildup from the port openings. 

You should also check for any blockages in the gas line itself, as this can also prevent proper gas flow.

If you find any blockages, they should be removed before lighting your grill again.

4. Igniter Issues

The igniter is the Blackstone Grill component that helps light the gas and get the flame going. If the igniter fails to spark or won’t light, this can cause the grill not to ignite. 

The most common issue is that the igniter button may not be pushed all the way, or it could be too close to the metal housing of the grill. 

There may also be an issue with either a loose battery connection or failing batteries themselves.


It’s also possible that dirt or rust prevents a good connection between the electrodes and the spark wheel. 

In any case, checking and replacing batteries, cleaning connections, and ensuring proper spacing from any metals are all simple fixes that, should get your Blackstone Grill up again.

5. Malfunctioning Burners

One of the most common causes can be a faulty burner. 

This problem is usually due to a lack of gas reaching the burner, and it can be resolved by checking the fuel line and connections for any obstructions. 


If everything looks okay, you may need to replace parts such as the igniter or regulator

Also, ensure that your propane tank is sufficiently filled with gas and that all hose connections are tight and secure. 

6. Fuel Issues

Fuel issues can be a common cause of a Blackstone Grill not lighting. Cleaning the inside and outside of the grill, including the burners and orifice, should be done before attempting to light it. 

If this does not solve the issue, then not enough fuel may be reaching the grill. 


This could be due to a cracked or blocked fuel line, an incorrect fuel pressure, or an incorrectly installed propane tank regulator. 

It is important to have all these components checked and replaced if needed to ensure the safe operation of your grill.

7. Old Propane Tank

An old propane tank is one of the most common causes of a Blackstone grill not lighting. 

A propane tank that is more than 12 years old may contain residues and deposits that can clog the gas valve, preventing the flow of gas. 


It’s important to inspect the tank and ensure it is in good working condition before using it with the Blackstone grill.

If it appears to be leaking or rusting, replace it with a new one. 

Note: Overfilling your propane tank can also prevent proper lighting, so ensure you are not exceeding its capacity.

8 Thermocouple Malfunctioning

The thermocouple is a safety device that shuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out. 

It works by sensing the flame’s heat and sending a signal to open or close the gas valve. 

If your Blackstone Grill won’t light, it could be due to a malfunctioning thermocouple. 


This problem can usually be solved by checking all connections for proper installation, replacing any broken or damaged parts, and cleaning away any dirt or debris blocking the thermocouple from functioning properly.

If the thermocouple does not work after trying these steps, it may need to be replaced entirely.


Why won’t all my Blackstone burners light?

If your Blackstone burners are not lighting, it could be due to these reasons.

  1. Gas Flow Issues: Ensure the propane tank is full, and the gas valve is completely open. Sometimes, the regulator can get stuck; try disconnecting and reconnecting it.
  2. Blocked Burner Holes: Over time, grease and debris can block the holes on the burners. Clean the burners thoroughly.
  3. Ignition Issues: The igniter might be faulty or misaligned. Check the ignition system for any visible damage or misalignment.
  4. Air Flow Problems: Ensure no obstructions in the venturi tubes that mix air and gas.
  5. Faulty Connections: Inspect hoses and connections for leaks or damage.

How do you get Blackstone to light?

To get Blackstone to light:

  1. Open the propane tank valve.
  2. Turn the burner knobs to the desired setting (typically “high” to start).
  3. Press the ignition button until the burners ignite.

How do you reset the regulator on a Blackstone grill?

To reset the regulator on a Blackstone grill:

  1. Turn off all burners and close the propane tank valve.
  2. Disconnect the regulator from the propane tank.
  3. Wait for a minute or two to let the regulator reset.
  4. Reconnect the regulator to the propane tank.
  5. Slowly open the propane tank valve.
  6. Ignite the grill burners as you normally would.

Can I light my Blackstone with a lighter?

Yes, you can use a lighter to ignite your Blackstone griddle. However, you should do this cautiously.

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