5 Common Blaze Grill Problems (Troubleshooting Guide)

When it comes to outdoor cooking, Blaze Grills are great for remarkable functionality, reliability, and superior craftsmanship.

However, like any grill, they also have some problems.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common problems of the popular Blaze Grills, along with their fixes. 

Blaze Grill Problems

Blaze Grill Problems

1. Ignition Problems

A common problem with Blaze Grills is ignition issues.

This can occur when the spark module is malfunctioning or when there is an inadequate amount of gas reaching the ignitor


To fix this, first, check to make sure that the connection from the spark module to the ignitor is tight and secure. 

If it appears that there is a low amount of gas getting to the ignitor, then try cleaning any build-up in the fuel line and ensure that it isn’t clogged. 

Additionally, replacing parts such as seals and connectors may be necessary, as these can fail over time due to wear and tear.

2. Grease Fire

Grease fires are one of the most common types of kitchen fires due to the fact that cooking oil and grease become highly flammable when overheated. 

Grease fires can quickly spread and cause extensive damage. 


The best way to put out a grease fire is to use a fire extinguisher, baking soda, or even salt to help smother the flames. 

Never attempt to move the pan or use water on a grease fire as it will cause more harm than good. 

3. Heat Distribution

Heat distribution can be a major issue for Blaze Grill owners.

This is because the design of the grill is such that heat is concentrated in some sections, while other areas remain cooler. 

This can lead to uneven cooking and undercooked or burnt food. 


To fix this issue, use Heat Diffuser Plates which are designed to provide more even heat distribution across the entire grill surface. 

The Heat Diffuser Plates also offer the advantage of keeping foods from burning due to concentrated hot spots on the grill surface. 

Additionally, Blaze Grills offer adjustable Flame Tamers which help to keep flare-ups under control and provide additional heat control when needed. 

4. Rusting

Rusting is a common problem for Blaze Grills. This is due to the combination of oxygen and moisture in the air reacting with iron in the metal components of the grill. 

Rust can corrode and weaken these metal components, leading to mechanical and structural problems such as weakened supports, degraded joints, and overall system instability.


To prevent rusting, you should clean it regularly using water and mild detergent after each use to remove excess moisture. 

Additionally, you can coat your grill with a paint-on rust inhibitor or consider purchasing a grill cover to protect it from outdoor weather conditions like rain or snow.

5. Burner Malfunction

Burner malfunction is a common issue with Blaze Grills and generally results from insufficient maintenance or cleaning. 


To fix this issue, the grill should be inspected to ensure that all gas lines and other parts are in proper working order. 

If no issues are found, then the burner should be cleaned thoroughly to remove any built-up grease or debris. 

Additionally, if the issue persists, replacing the burner may be necessary, depending on the severity of the malfunction. 

Blaze Grills Users Reviews:

“Haven’t had a gas grill before and I’m in my 60s, she built an outdoor kitchen and felt like we needed to put this in, for the look of the kitchen and later down the road for resale of the house, nice product, love the night lights on the knobs and inside, the only drawback is the flare-ups when cooking, you end up burning your meal, maybe I need more practice, all in all, I would recommend, it’s just VERY HARD TO BEAT A TRAEGER GRILL” Source: Amazon.com

Pros and Cons


  • Durability: Blaze grills are constructed from high-grade stainless steel.
  • Even Heating: Blaze grills are known for their even heating across the grilling surface.
  • Variety of Models: Blaze offers a range of grill models.
  • Warranty: These grills come with a substantial warranty.
  • Innovative Features: Have features like flame stabilization, infrared burners, and rotisserie kits which enhance the grilling experience.


  • Weight: Due to their sturdy construction, some models can be quite heavy.
  • Space: The larger Blaze grills require a significant amount of space.

Blaze Grills Comparison with Competitors:

When compared to some competitors, Blaze Grills tend to offer a balance between premium features and affordability.

While there are brands that might offer more advanced tech or unique features, Blaze has carved out a niche for itself by providing robust grills that cater to both casual backyard chefs and grilling aficionados, without breaking the bank.


We hope this article has provided some insight into what potential issues may arise while using a Blaze Grill and how they can be addressed quickly and easily!


What Should I do if my Blaze Grill does not Heat up Properly?

If your Blaze grill is not heating up properly, it is possible that the propane tank may be empty or there might be an issue with the ignition system. 

Try checking the propane tank and refilling it as needed before troubleshooting any issues with the ignition system. 

Can I Replace Parts on My Own?

Some parts of your Blaze grill may be able to be replaced by the owner. 

However, I recommend having a professional look at any repairs or replacements that need to be made.

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