Camp Chef Woodwind 24 vs Traeger Pro 575 (Comparison)

Are you trying to decide between the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 and Traeger Pro 575 pellet grills? 

If so, you’re in luck! In this comparison article, we’ll be taking a look at both of these models side by side. 

We’ll be discussing their features, design elements, performance capabilities, and more. By the end of it, you should have a better idea of which one is best for your needs. comparison!

Camp Chef Woodwind 24 vs Traeger Pro 575

Comparison FactorCamp Chef Woodwind 24Traeger Pro 575
ConstructionHeavy-duty steel construction with powder coatingSteel construction with powder coating
Cooking Area429 square inches primary cooking area575 square inches primary cooking area
Hopper Capacity22 pounds18 pounds
Temperature ControlDigital temperature control with PID technologyDigital Pro Controller with WiFIRE technology
Ash Cleanout SystemYesNo
Pellet SensorYesNo
Grill GratesPorcelain-coated grill gratesPorcelain-coated grill grates
Additional FeaturesSlide and Grill technology, Ash Kickin’ Cleanout SystemWiFIRE technology, Meat probe, Keep Warm Mode
VersatilitySuitable for smoking, grilling, baking, roasting, and searingSuitable for smoking, grilling, baking, roasting, and searing
WarrantyVaries (typically 3 to 5 years)Varies (typically 3 to 5 years)
Price RangeFalls in the mid to higher price rangeFalls in the mid-range price

1. Camp Chef Woodwind 24(Guide)


  • Heavy-Duty Construction: The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 features heavy-duty steel construction with a powder coating, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Temperature Control: The grill offers digital temperature control with PID technology, allowing for precise and consistent heat management.
  • Versatility: The Woodwind 24 is suitable for various cooking methods, including smoking, grilling, baking, roasting, and searing, providing versatility in culinary options.
  • Slide and Grill Technology: The Slide and Grill feature allows for direct flame grilling or indirect heat smoking, offering flexibility in cooking techniques.
  • Ash Cleanout System: The grill is equipped with an Ash Kickin’ Cleanout System, making ash removal and cleaning hassle-free.
  • Pellet Sensor: The built-in pellet sensor allows users to monitor pellet levels, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted cooking.
  • Brand Reputation: Camp Chef is known for producing quality grills and outdoor cooking equipment, gaining a positive reputation in the industry.


  • Size and Weight: The Woodwind 24 is relatively large and heavy, which may limit portability and require adequate space for storage and usage.
  • Price: The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 falls into the mid to higher price range, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Availability: Depending on your location, the availability of specific models or accessories may vary.

Construction Material:

The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 is constructed with a durable stainless steel body and coated with a high-temperature paint to protect against rust and corrosion. 

The burners, which are made of cast iron, feature adjustable heat-control dials that provide even heating across the entire cooking surface. 

The cooking grate is porcelain-coated steel for easy cleaning, while the drip tray is made of heavy-gauge steel. 

It features an electronic auto-start ignition system, sure-fire shutoff valves, a matchless lighting system, and easy-to-read thermometer gauges for precise temperature control.

Cooking Area Size:

The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 has a total cooking area size of 604 square inches. 

This is made up of a main With this a grilling area of 429 square inches, and an additional warming rack area of 175 square inches. mple space, you can easily cook for large groups. 

The main grilling area also features a sear box that adds an additional 144 square inches of space for a total of 573 square inches. 

This gives you plenty of room to prepare your favorite grilled meals for family and friends.

Heat Output:

The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 is a powerful outdoor cooking solution, offering an impressive heat output of 60,000 BTUs. 

The two cast aluminum burners provide superior heat distribution for even cooking every time. 

The precise temperature control gives users the ability to grill, smoke, bake, and roast as desired. 

The Woodwind 24’s drop-down side shelves provide extra workspace and storage, while the included porcelain-coated steel cooking grate ensures longevity and durability for years of reliable use. 

With its ample cooking surface area (616 square inches) and powerful heat output, the Woodwind 24 is perfect for tailgating, camping trips, or backyard BBQs.

Warranty Package:

The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 comes with a comprehensive warranty package for ultimate peace of mind. 

This warranty covers all parts, labor, and materials associated with the product, guaranteeing that your investment will last for years to come. 

The warranty is valid for five years from the date of purchase and provides repair or replacement services if your product malfunctions due to defects in materials or workmanship.

Cooking Performance :

The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 is an impressive pellet grill that features a powerful cooking system for ultimate cooking performance. 

It offers an updated digital control board with precise temperature control from 180°F to 500°F, allowing you to cook anything from slow-smoked ribs to wood-fired pizza. 

The 24″ wide cooking surface is large enough for family or group meals, and the integrated sear box delivers up to 900°F of direct heat for searing steaks and burgers. 

With the camp chef’s patented ash cleanout system, cleaning up after smoking or grilling is easy and efficient.


The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 weighs in at 123 lbs. It features two different hopper configurations, each weighing in at around 4.5 to 7 lbs. 

The main body of the grill is constructed from heavy-duty steel for long-lasting durability and performance. 

The lid and handles are made from stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

The total cooking area of the Woodwind 24 is 590 square inches, perfect for large gatherings and family meals.

Pricing : 

The Camp Chef Woodwind 24 is an excellent and versatile outdoor cooking companion. 

It is priced from $299 to $499, depending on the feature set you choose. 

The higher-end model includes a digital temperature readout, a removable ash pan, and a grease management system. 

Both models offer a large grilling surface area of 658 square inches, enough to accommodate up to 24 burgers at once.

More Feature : 

1. Temperature control up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Smart Smoke Technology for precise temperature and smoke levels

3. Convection fan system circulates heat throughout the grill

4. Easy-to-use digital controller with LED display

5. Slide and Grill technology for easy access to fuel

6. Grease Management System for easy clean up

7. Matchless ignition system for quick start-ups

8. Large grilling surface with 2-tier cooking racks

9. Fueled by propane and contains a 20 lb tank

10. Removable stainless steel side shelf for prepping and serving

11. Accommodates up to 24 burgers at once

12. Includes utility hooks for extra storage and organization

2. Weber Spirit E 330 (Guide)


  • Quality Construction: The Weber Spirit E 330 features a sturdy and durable construction, ensuring longevity and performance.
  • Even Heat Distribution: The grill is designed to provide even heat distribution across the cooking surface, resulting in consistent cooking results.
  • Side Burner: It includes a convenient side burner, offering an additional cooking area for side dishes or sauces.
  • Flavorizer Bars: The grill is equipped with flavorizer bars that help enhance the flavor of grilled food by vaporizing drippings.
  • Warming Rack: The warming rack provides extra space to keep cooked food warm or toast buns.
  • Brand Reputation: Weber is a well-known and respected brand in the grilling industry, known for producing high-quality grills with excellent customer support.


  • Price: The Weber Spirit E 330 falls into the mid to higher price range, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Limited Cooking Area: The cooking area of the grill may be limiting for larger gatherings or when cooking for a large number of people.
  • Size and Weight: The grill’s larger size and weight may limit portability and require adequate space for storage and usage.

Construction Material :

The Weber Spirit E 330 is made from high-quality materials, including stainless steel cooking grates, porcelain-enameled cast iron grates on the side tables, and a high-grade stainless steel lid. 

The body of the grill is constructed with durable and weather-resistant steel which provides plenty of protection from the elements. 

The cart is designed to be easy to move around thanks to its large wheels and convenient handle. 

The burner area has Flavorizer bars which help to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface. 

The control knobs are designed for precision temperature control and provide multiple settings to suit different recipes.

Cooking Area Size:

The Weber Spirit E 330 has a total cooking area of 529 square inches. 

This includes the main cooking area of 424 square inches and a warming rack of 105 square inches – perfect for keeping food warm while waiting to be served. 

The primary cooking area is equipped with three stainless steel burners, each producing an impressive 26,500 BTUs per hour, providing enough heat for intense searing and slow roasting.

Heat Output:

The Weber Spirit E 330 propane gas grill is capable of producing up to 26,500 BTUs of heat output across three stainless steel burners. 

This high heat output allows for an even heating temperature across the entire grilling surface and helps food cook quickly and evenly. 

The grill also comes with a Flavorizer bar system that adds a smoky flavor to food while reducing flare-ups. 

Additionally, the unit’s porcelain-enameled cooking grates help retain heat and provide optimal sear marks.

Warranty Package:

The Weber Spirit E 330 is an outstanding choice for those looking for a high-quality gas grill. 

It offers solid construction, an array of features, and an impressive 10-year limited warranty package for the stainless steel components. 

This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship that may occur during regular use of the grill, such as rusting or corrosion. 

It also covers components including burners, cooking grates, and Flavorizer bars. The 10-year warranty does not cover certain parts, such as grates that are subject to normal wear and tear or any other accessory items not listed above.

Cooking Performance :

The Weber Spirit E 330 is an excellent choice for outdoor cooking. It offers a powerful and reliable performance, with an impressive output of 32,000 BTU per hour from its three main burners. 

This three-burner configuration ensures even heat distribution across the entire cooking area, allowing you to cook multiple dishes or larger pieces of food at the same time. 

The Spirit E 330 also features an integrated side burner that could prepare sauces or heat up other side dishes quickly.


The Weber Spirit E 330 is an extremely lightweight 3-burner gas grill, weighing in at only 105 lbs. 

It features a heavy-gauge steel frame and porcelain enameled lid, which are both incredibly durable and help keep the grill’s weight to a minimum. 

The enclosed cabinet design of the Weber Spirit E 330 also helps reduce its overall weight, while still providing enough storage space for grilling accessories.

Pricing : 

The Spirit E 330 comes in at a price range between $499 and $699, depending on where you purchase it from. 

This affordable option provides plenty of power with its 30,000 BTU/hr main burner output and offers plenty of room to cook with its spacious 513 square inches of total cooking space. 

In addition, this grill includes an infinite control burner valve setting to give you complete advantage over heat distribution.

More Feature : 

1. 30,000 BTU/hr main burner output

2. 513 square inches of total cooking space

3. Infinite control burner valve setting for precise heat distribution

4. Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates for even heat retention and easy cleaning

5. Built-in thermometer in the lid to monitor internal temperature

6. Electronic crossover ignition system ensures quick and reliable start-ups every time.

Which Is Best

Deciding between the Camp Chef Woodwind 24 and Traeger Pro 575 grills can be difficult. 

The Woodwind 24 is a pellet grill that uses hardwood pellets for fuel, while the Pro 575 is a wood-fired convection grill. 

Both are excellent options with unique features designed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. 

The Woodwind 24 has an advanced digital temperature control system, a direct flame broiler for searing at high temperatures, and an integrated meat probe thermometer for precise cooking. 

The Pro 575 offers precision temperature control with its Digital Elite Controller, an impressive 6-in-1 versatility to cook almost anything and a smoke setting that adds flavor to your food. 

Each of these grills will make it possible for you to create delicious meals outdoors. Ultimately, choosing between the two will depend on your specific needs and preferences.


Does Traeger Pro 575 Super smoke?

Yes, the Traeger Pro 575 Super has a Super Smoke Mode which allows for greater smoke flavor by using more smoke during grilling and smoking tasks.

Where is Camp Chef Woodwind made?

Camp Chef Woodwind is made in China.

Why is Traeger better?

Traeger is better for grilling because it has a larger capacity and features a Digital Pro Controller that automatically maintains temperatures within +/- 20 degrees F. 

It also has an improved auger system, which gives greater fuel efficiency and easier cleaning.

Which is better gas grill or wood pellet grill?

Wood pellet grills are generally better because they provide a more even heat distribution over a longer time span and help to infuse food with wood smoke flavor. 

Gas grills offer fast heating and precise temperature control, allowing you to quickly cook or sear foods.

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