Pit Boss Pro Series 850 Problems (4 Problems with Fiexs)

The Pit Boss Pro Series 850 is a reliable grill that conveniently prepares delicious meals. However, this powerful grill can experience problems if not properly maintained.

Common problems with the Pro Series 850 include clogged burners, leaking smoke and heat, difficulty maintaining temperatures, and build-up of residue on the interior walls.

In this article, I discuss the common Pit Boss Pro Series 850 problems and how to fix them easily.

Pit Boss Pro Series 850 Problems

1. P Setting not Working

The “P Setting” on the Pit Boss Pro Series 850 is designed to give you precise control over the internal temperature of your grill or smoker.

 It allows you to set a specific temperature and maintain it for cooking, smoking, or grilling.

However, some users have experienced difficulty getting the P setting to work correctly.

There are several possible causes: insufficient oxygen supply, clogged burners, faulty thermometers, and clogged air intakes.

To fix this problem, start by cleaning out any blockages in the burners or air intake.

Ensure there is enough airflow so that oxygen can reach the burners, and check that each burner produces a good flame. 

If needed, replace any faulty thermometers with new ones and adjust any settings as indicated in the manual for your particular model.

2. Heat Distribution Issues

Heat distribution issues can arise with the Pit Boss Pro Series 850 due to various factors.

Poor positioning and inadequate air flow around the smoker can lead to uneven heat distribution, resulting in some areas being hotter than others.

Temperature fluctuations can also cause poor heat distribution.

The fan in the controller may be running inefficiently or may not be running at all, resulting in inadequate airflow and trapping heat.

Checking the fan to ensure it is working correctly and repositioning the smoker can help improve heat distribution. 

Also, keeping an eye on the temperature gauge can help alert you when changes are needed to address any issues with heat distribution.

3. Ignition System Troubleshooting

Ignition System Troubleshooting can be complicated but is necessary to ensure optimal performance and safety of your Pit Boss Pro Series 850 Grill. 

The ignition system provides the spark that ignites the gas grill’s burners.

If there is an issue with your ignition system, the grill may not light or stay lit during normal operation.

If your grill will not light, the first thing to do is check that you have a proper fuel supply. Make sure you have sufficient propane in the tank and that the valve on the tank is open.

 If there is no fuel, you need to solve this problem before continuing with ignition system troubleshooting.

If there is a proper fuel supply, the next step is to check the ignition system. Inspect all connections, wires, and system components, such as the spark generator and igniter electrodes.

 If these components appear in good condition, check for a spark at the electrodes.

4. Temperature Fluctuation

Temperature fluctuations are a common problem with the Pit Boss Pro Series 850. If a smoker experiences severe temperature swings can affect both the quality and taste of their food. 

Temperature fluctuations occur when the fire or fuel source is not burning evenly, or when air circulation is inadequate.

This can be caused by poor heat distribution, blocked air intakes, or inadequate fuel sources.

To fix this issue, start by inspecting the fire for any potential blockages or obstructions preventing air from entering the firebox.

 Make sure all air intakes are open and clear of debris, then check your fuel source to ensure it is burning evenly and not producing too much smoke.

You may need to adjust the fuel source or modify the air intake to get better airflow and heat distribution.

5. Contact Customer Service

 If you are having trouble with your grill or require assistance with troubleshooting, parts replacement, or warranty information, contact customer service immediately.


  • Versatility: The Pro Series 850 is capable of grilling, roasting, smoking, and baking, offering a range of cooking options.
  • Large Cooking Area: 850 square inches of cooking space allows for accommodating larger gatherings.
  • Digital Control: Digital control board allows for precise temperature control, making it easier for users to maintain the desired heat level.
  • Flame Broiler: This feature allows for direct flame grilling, adding versatility in terms of cooking techniques.
  • Durability: The grill is constructed with heavy-duty materials which can increase its lifespan.


  • Pellet Consumption: Some users have reported that it consumes pellets at a higher rate, which can lead to increased operating costs.
  • Temperature Fluctuations: There can be occasional temperature swings, which may affect the consistency of cooking.
  • Weight: It’s a heavy unit, which might make it difficult to move around.
  • Initial Setup: Some users have found the assembly process to be a bit time-consuming or complicated.


The Pit Boss Pro Series 850 is a great pellet smoker for anyone looking to easily cook delicious meals. 

While there may be some issues that you’ll have to address to get it running properly, these are easy fixes that can be addressed quickly. 


How long does Pit Boss 850 take to heat up?

The Pit Boss Pro Series 850 typically takes about 20 minutes to reach optimal cooking temperature. The digital control board will monitor and adjust the heat as needed during this time. 

How do I get more smoke from my Pit Boss 850 pro series?

To get more smoke from your Pit Boss 850 Pro Series, you can increase the number of wood chips or pellets in the hopper. 

What is the P setting on Pit Boss 850 Pro Series?

The “P” setting on the Pit Boss Pro Series 850 safety lock system is designed to hold and maintain a set temperature for up to 4 hours. 

When engaged, the “P” setting will keep your grill at its target temperature without you having to monitor it or adjust settings constantly. 

Does the Pit Boss 850 Pro series have a smoke setting?

Yes, the Pit Boss Pro Series 850 does have a smoke setting. 

This setting allows you to adjust the amount of smoke produced by your grill for various dishes by controlling the number of wood chips or pellets in the hopper and adjusting all air vents on your smoker. 

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