Traeger Ironwood 650 Problems(With Fixes)

The Traeger Ironwood 650 is one of the most popular and powerful smokers on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s free from potential problems.

From temperature control issues to smoke production, there are a variety of common issues that can arise when using this smoker. 

As with any product, having an understanding of what could go wrong and how to fix it can help you make sure your smoking experience is as enjoyable as possible. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some common Traeger Ironwood 650 problems and their associated fixes.

Traeger Ironwood 650 Problems

1. Display Issue

Display Issue is a common problem with the Traeger Ironwood 650 pellet grill. The issue occurs when the digital temperature control display malfunctions and either shows inaccurate temperature readings or simply will not turn on.

This issue can be due to a variety of factors such as an overheating controller, a faulty power cord, a malfunctioning power switch, a faulty display panel, and more.

In order to fix the Display Issue with your Traeger Ironwood 650 pellet grill, you will need to first identify which component is causing the issue. If it is an overheating controller, then replacing the controller should resolve the issue.

 If there is a malfunctioning power switch or a faulty power cord, then replacing these components should fix the issue. If a faulty display panel is to blame, then you will need to have it replaced by an authorized Traeger dealer or service center.

2. Auger problems

Auger problems are a common issue with Traeger Ironwood 650 grills. The auger is an important component of the grill that helps to feed pellets into the firepot in order to create and maintain the heat and flame necessary for proper grilling. 

If the auger stops functioning correctly, it can result in uneven heat distribution, poor temperature control, and even undercooked food.

The most common cause of auger problems is an issue with the drive train, which can be caused by worn or damaged parts. To troubleshoot the problem, you can check for debris or pellets that may have become stuck in the auger shaft or in the firepot itself. 

You may also need to check the auger motor for any signs of damage such as wear, corrosion, or overheating. Additionally, it is important to make sure that all of the electrical connections are secure and that the wires are not damaged in any way.

3. Wifi Issue

Many customers who own the Traeger Ironwood 650 have experienced issues with wifi connectivity. The main cause of the issue lies in a weak wifi signal strength, as well as other environmental factors that can interfere with the connection. 

To resolve this problem, it is important to ensure that the router is placed in an ideal location that will provide optimal and reliable signal strength for the grill. 

Also, it is important to make sure that any other electrical appliances are not placed too close to the router as this may create interference and disrupt the wifi connection.

4. Quality Issues

The Traeger Ironwood 650 has been known to have quality issues due to poor construction. Reports of the grill not being able to maintain desired temperature or having uneven heating have been reported by consumers. 

Aside from this, another common issue is that the grill grates are not adequately coated and can start rusting after a few uses. Furthermore, the hopper lid is known to be flimsy and prone to breakage. 

Ultimately, these quality issues can significantly reduce the lifespan of your grill, making it important for users to take extra care in maintaining their Ironwood 650.

5. Fan Noise Problem

Fan noise is a common problem with Traeger Ironwood 650 grills. The fan is responsible for controlling the temperature in the grill, and if it begins to produce too much noise then the temperature may not be able to be properly controlled. 

With a noisy fan, you can experience fluctuations in temperature which cause uneven cooking of food, as well as a significant decrease in the overall cooking efficiency of your grill.

If you are experiencing fan noise with your Traeger Ironwood 650, the first step is to try and determine what is causing the problem. 

The most common culprits are a dirty or clogged air filter or a faulty fan motor. To clean the air filter, simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt or debris that has built up over time.

6. Temperature Issue

Cooking with the Traeger Ironwood 650 can be a frustrating experience when you’re dealing with inconsistent temperatures.

You set your desired temperature, only to find that it’s too high or too low and fluctuating wildly. This makes it hard to cook food evenly and properly, leading to undercooked or burnt dishes.

With the Traeger Ironwood 650, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get consistent cooking temps every time. Its advanced grilling technology ensures accurate temperatures for even heat distribution throughout your grill so that all of your food is cooked perfectly every time. 


The Traeger Ironwood 650 is a great pellet grill for anyone looking to upgrade their outdoor cooking setup. 

Though there are some problems that need to be addressed such as temperature accuracy and hopper capacity, these issues can easily be resolved with proper maintenance or by contacting customer service. 

With its powerful heating element, digital controls, and large grilling area, this smoker-grill hybrid has all of the features you’d expect from an advanced product like this one. 

If you have any questions about it or would like more information on how to use it safely and efficiently, please reach out! We’re here to help make sure your next barbeque party is a success!


How long does it take to heat up a Traeger Ironwood 650?

The Traeger Ironwood 650 typically takes up to 20 minutes to heat up, depending on the outside temperature and wind speed. 

The faster you want it heated, the more pellets you will need. Once it reaches your desired temperature, it should stay consistent with very little fluctuation in temperature. 

This is thanks to the advanced precision temperature control system that comes with this model, giving you ultimate control over how hot or cold your grill gets. 

What are some common issues with the Traeger Ironwood 650?

Common issues reported by users of the Traeger Ironwood 650 include difficulty starting up, inconsistent temperature control, and prolonged preheating time. 

Other users have reported that food doesn’t cook evenly and that the grates are difficult to clean.

How can I troubleshoot common problems with the Traeger Ironwood 650?

You can try a few basic troubleshooting steps, like cleaning the burn pot or checking for any blockages in the smoke stack. If these don’t resolve your issue, it’s best to consult your Traeger Ironwood 650 user manual or contact Traeger customer service.

Is there a warranty on the Traeger Ironwood 650?

Yes, the Traeger Ironwood 650 comes with a three-year limited warranty that covers defects caused by normal wear and tear. 

To learn more about the warranty, please refer to your user manual or contact Traeger customer service.

How can I get help with the Traeger Ironwood 650?

If you have a specific question about the Traeger Ironwood 650, you can get in touch with Traeger customer service by phone or email. Additionally, you can find helpful videos and FAQs on the Traeger website.

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