Traeger Meat Probe Problems (With Fixes)

If you’re a Traeger grill owner, you may have experienced some issues with your meat probe. These problems can range from inaccurate temperature readings to the probe not working at all. 

Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to resolve these issues and get back to grilling up delicious food!

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common Traeger meat probe problems and offer helpful tips for troubleshooting them. 

Traeger Meat Probe Problems

1. Temprature Problem

When cooking with a Traeger pellet grill, it is important that the temperature of the grill remains consistent throughout the cooking process.

However, if the meat probe is not working correctly, this can be difficult to achieve. The most common issue with Traeger meat probes is inaccurate temperature readings.

If the temperature reading on the screen is not correct, then it may be time to replace the meat probe. It is important to check both the resistance and continuity of the probe with a multimeter before replacing it.

2. Thermometer Problem

Thermometers play an important role in monitoring the temperature of grills and smokers. Although Traeger meat probes are designed to be highly accurate, they can sometimes malfunction due to a variety of reasons. 

One possible issue that can arise is related to the thermometer’s accuracy. This is because incorrect readings or inaccurate calibrations can lead to undercooked or overcooked meat. 

In order to ensure you get the best results from your Traeger grill, it is important that you regularly check and calibrate your thermometer. 

Also, make sure you replace any faulty or damaged parts that may affect their performance. Doing this can help avoid unnecessary problems related to inaccurate temperature readings and achieve the perfect cooked meat. 

3. The meat probe not working

The meat probe is an important component of the Traeger grill that helps monitor the temperature of whatever food item is being cooked.

However, many Traeger users have reported experiencing problems with their meat probes. The most common issue is that the probe fails to register the temperature correctly or at all, resulting in inaccurate readings that may lead to overcooked or undercooked food.

Other common issues with the meat probe include poor connection between the grill and the wire connecting the probe, malfunctioning sensors, and faulty wiring.

 If the issue is with the connection of the wire or the probe itself, it can usually be resolved by replacing it with a new one. However, if it’s an internal problem such as malfunctioning sensors or faulty wiring, then you may have to contact Traeger customer service for assistance.

1. Fan Issue

Fan issues can be a common problem with Traeger meat probes. The fan is responsible for circulating heat within the chamber, providing even cooking temperatures and consistent results. 

If the fan stops working, the grill will not be able to maintain consistent heat levels, which can lead to undercooked or overcooked food.

Common causes of fan issues include clogged vents, damaged fan blades, or a faulty motor. If you’re experiencing issues with your meat probe’s fan, it’s important to take the necessary steps to troubleshoot and repair the problem quickly.

First, make sure all of the grill’s vents are clear and unclogged. If there is debris blocking the vents, it can prevent air from circulating through the chamber. Clear out any clogs with a brush or compressed air to restore proper airflow.

Next, inspect your fan blades for any signs of damage such as bending or cracking. If your blades are damaged, you will need to replace them before you can continue using the probe.

5. Contact Customer Service

If you are experiencing problems with a Traeger Meat Probe, it is important to contact customer service right away. Customer Service personnel can help troubleshoot the issue quickly and efficiently, and determine if any further action needs to be taken.

When contacting Customer Service, it is helpful to have the following information on hand: model number, serial number, purchase date, and store where the product was purchased. 

Having this information ready will help Customer Service representatives to better assist you in resolving your issues.


If you’re having trouble getting your Traeger Meat Probe to work properly, don’t worry. There are several easy steps that can help troubleshoot the issue and get it back up and running in no time.

First, make sure all of the connections are secure on both ends of the probe. Then check if there is any debris or dirt blocking its connection with the control panel. 

Finally, replace any worn-out parts as needed. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious smoked meats again soon! If none of these solutions fix your problem then contact a professional technician for further assistance.

Don’t let meat probe problems keep you from enjoying tasty barbeque dishes; use this guide to resolve them quickly!


How do I fix my Traeger temperature probe?

The first step in fixing a Traeger temperature probe is to make sure it’s properly connected to the Traeger unit. If it’s not, plugging the probe into the correct port should do the trick.

If it’s already plugged in and still having issues, you may need to check for blockages. Make sure there are no obstructions between the probe and the food item being cooked that could cause inaccurate readings.

Finally, if all else fails, you may need to replace your temperature probe entirely. A new one can be purchased from a Traeger retailer or directly from their website.

How do you reset the probe on a Traeger?

Resetting the probe on a Traeger is fairly simple. First, press and hold the options button until the display says “System Reset”. Then turn the thermostat knob to select a temperature at least 15°F higher than your desired cook temp.

 Finally, press and hold down both buttons on the face of the control panel. After about two seconds, both lights will flash simultaneously indicating that your meat probe has been reset.

Once you have successfully reset your meat probe, set it back to an appropriate temperature for cooking and enjoy!

Do Traeger probes go bad?

Yes, Traeger probes can go bad. Over time, the probe may become corroded or clogged due to prolonged contact with moisture and other elements. 

This can cause the Traeger probe to give inaccurate readings or fail completely. It is important to regularly inspect your Traeger probes for any signs of wear and tear and replace them as necessary in order to maintain accurate temperature readings during grilling or smoking. 

How do you calibrate a Traeger meat thermometer?

The calibration of a Traeger meat thermometer is typically done by first placing the probe into boiling water. 

The temperature of the boiling water should be 212°F, and if it reads anything different than that you can adjust the calibration setting on your thermometer to match. Once adjusted, allow the probe to cool before using it in your food.

It’s important to recalibrate your thermometer every 6-12 months for optimal accuracy.

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