Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer Not Working (With Fixes)

The Ninja Foodi Grill is a popular appliance that cooks food quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, some users have experienced an issue where the thermometer on the grill stops working or becomes inaccurate.

This can be problematic, as it means the user cannot monitor the temperature of their food effectively.

in this blog, we find a possible reason for this problem and make sure how to fix this in an easy step

Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer Not Working

1. Incorrect Calibration

The Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer is equipped with a digital display that allows you to accurately monitor the temperature of whatever you’re cooking.

Still, if the thermometer isn’t accurate due to incorrect calibration, then your food may end up overcooked or undercooked. 

To properly calibrate your thermometer, you first need to make sure that it is at room temperature.

Place the probe into boiling water and wait until the display reads 212 degrees Fahrenheit. If the display does not read this, then you need to adjust the calibration by adjusting the screw on the back of the thermometer.

Once you have adjusted it, place it back in boiling water and check that it reads 212 degrees. If the thermometer still does not display the correct temperature, you may need to replace it.

2. Electrical Connection Problem

Electrical connection problems can be one of the primary factors preventing a Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer from working.

This is because the thermometer needs to be connected to a power source in order to operate. If the thermometer is not connected properly, it will not work.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to check for an electrical connection problem and resolve it.

Begin by verifying that the thermometer’s power cord is securely plugged into both the outlet and the back of the thermometer. 

If there appears to be a loose connection, try unplugging and then replugging the cord.

You may also want to check that any switches or circuit breakers associated with the thermometer’s power source have not been tripped. 

If they have, reset them and see if the thermometer starts working again.

3. Temperature Sensor Problem

Temperature sensors are an important part of the Ninja Foodi Grill. If the thermometer is not working, it could be due to a faulty temperature sensor.

The temperature sensors are responsible for measuring and monitoring the internal temperature of the grill, which is vital for proper cooking. 

If the sensor malfunctions, it can lead to inaccurate temperature readings and potential undercooking or overcooking of food.

If you suspect this might be the issue, you should check for any loose connections, replace the batteries in the thermometer, and clean the temperature sensor if necessary.

If these steps do not resolve the problem, it might be time to consider replacing the temperature sensor altogether.

The good news is that the replacement process is fairly simple and can be done in a few easy steps. You will need to shut off the power to the appliance before removing the grill lid and temperature sensor.

4. Lid Problem

When the Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer is not working, it can be because the lid is not properly connected or seated. 

To ensure that the thermometer is working correctly, check to see if the lid of the grill is closed completely and securely.

If it is not, press down firmly to make sure that it is fully connected. If the lid is not properly connected, it won’t be able to read the temperature of the food accurately.

Also, you should make sure that the seal between the lid and the thermometer is tight and free from any dirt or debris.

Finally, check for any damage to both parts of the device and make sure that they are clean before continuing to use the thermometer.

5. Power Cord Problem

The power cord is a vital part of any appliance, and the Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer is no exception.

If the power cord has become damaged, either due to being frayed or due to other external factors such as water damage, it can lead to the thermometer not working properly.

To resolve this issue, it is important to check that the power cord is not damaged and if it is, replace it with an appropriately rated cable.

More than that, using a surge protector will help protect against any unforeseen issues that might occur when using appliances that require an electrical current.

6. Thermometer Loose Issue

The Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer may not be working if it is loose. This can happen if the thermometer is not properly secured in the grill or if it has become worn over time.

In order to fix this issue, the user will need to firmly secure the thermometer back into place in the grill and ensure that it is properly sealed.

More, maintaining regular cleaning and care of your Ninja Foodi Grill will help prevent any potential wear and tear on its components such as the thermometer.

7. Contact Customer Service

If your Ninja Foodi Grill thermometer is not working properly, it is important to contact customer service to get the issue resolved.

Customer service can help diagnose the issue and provide solutions to help you get back up and running.

When contacting customer service, be sure to have all relevant information about your specific grill model, as well as any details about the issue you are experiencing.

This will help customer service determine what may be causing the thermometer not to work properly and offer solutions to fix the issue.


The Ninja Foodi Grill Thermometer is a great tool for grilling and smoking, but if it’s not working properly then you won’t get the most out of your cooking experience.

If you are having trouble getting your thermometer to work correctly, we suggest taking some time to troubleshoot the issue with simple steps like cleaning the probe or replacing the batteries.

You can also try resetting the device or checking for any software updates that could be causing problems.

 In worst-case scenarios, contacting customer service may be necessary in order to resolve more complex issues related to your thermometer’s functionality.

We hope these tips help get your grill back up and running so you can start enjoying delicious meals cooked on your Ninja Foodi Grill!


Why is my Ninja probe not working?

The reasons your Ninja probe may not be working could vary. It could be due to a loose connection or incorrect calibration of the thermometer.

Before attempting to troubleshoot, make sure you have allowed the appliance to preheat for at least 10 minutes and that your food is completely cooked through (minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit).

If the problem persists, try resetting the unit by unplugging it from power for 30 seconds. If that does not work, check for any bent wires on the probe or connections near the handle.

How do you use the thermometer on a Ninja Foodi grill?

To use the thermometer on a Ninja Foodi Grill, first, insert the food probe into the thickest part of your food item. Make sure that the probe is not touching any bones.

Next, close the lid of your grill and press “READ” to begin monitoring and displaying your temperature readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

You can also select what type of meat you are grilling, and it will alert you when it is ready. 

Do you have to use the thermometer with the Ninja Foodi grill?

No, the Ninja Foodi Grill thermometer does not have to be used in order for the grill to work properly; however, it is highly recommended as it allows you to monitor and adjust the internal temperature of your food for better grilling results.

Additionally, using a thermometer ensures that you are grilling food at safe temperatures and can avoid overcooking or undercooking your food.

The Ninja Foodi Grill thermometer is designed specifically for use with the Ninja Foodi Grill and comes with several useful features that help make grilling easier and more convenient.

How do you clean a Ninja grill thermometer?

To clean a Ninja grill thermometer, first turn off the appliance and allow it to cool. Once cooled, wipe down the outside of the thermometer with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Avoid using any abrasive cleansers or cleaners as they could damage the surface of your Ninja Grill Thermometer.

To make sure you remove all dirt and debris from inside the thermometer, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to gently scrub away any excess residue.

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