Traeger Silverton 620 Problem (With Fixes)

The Traeger Silverton 620 is a wood-fired grill that has quickly become one of the most popular outdoor cooking options on the market. 

However, some users have experienced issues with this model. Common problems include poor temperature control, uneven heating, and inconsistent smoke production. 

Some users have reported difficulty starting the fire or maintaining the desired temperature. Fortunately, there are a few steps that can be taken to help fix these issues.

Traeger Silverton 620 Problem

1. Heating Issue (Fix)

One common issue with the Silverton 620 is poor heating. This can occur either during the preheat cycle or while cooking.

When preheating, there should be an orange glow to indicate that the grill has reached temperature and is burning pellets correctly. 

If this orange glow does not appear, the grill may not be heating properly and needs further troubleshooting to determine the cause of the lack of heat.

When cooking with the Silverton 620, it’s important to check that pellets are burning correctly throughout the entire cook time. Poorly burning pellets can cause a decrease in temperature or even cause your food to cook unevenly due to irregular heat distribution. 

To ensure proper pellet burn, you may need to increase or reduce air intake using the fan control located on the front panel of your grill. You may also need to add more pellets as needed throughout your cook session in order to keep temperatures consistent.

2. Temperature Control Issue (Fix)

Temperature control is an important factor to consider when operating a Traeger Silverton 620. Without adequate temperature control, the grill can become too hot and cause food to be overcooked or burned. 

Also, the grill may not reach the desired temperature for cooking.

In order to ensure proper temperature control with the Silverton 620, it is important to make sure that it is being operated correctly. 

The temperature control knob should be adjusted so that the grill reaches the desired temperature. If the desired temperature cannot be reached, it may be necessary to adjust the knobs further or check for any blockages in the air vents.

3. Smoke Problems (Fix)

Smoke problems is a common issue when using a Traeger Silverton 620. This typically occurs when the grill is either not set up correctly or has been incorrectly used. 

To prevent this problem from occurring, it is important to ensure that the pellet hopper is filled with wood pellets of the correct type and size; that there are no obstructions in the auger tube; and that the grill is set up correctly. 

The settings should also be checked regularly to ensure they are correct. If smoke problems persist, it may be worth looking into whether the Traeger Silverton 620 needs servicing or repair.

4. Poor Grease Management (Fix)

Poor grease management is a common issue among Traeger Silverton 620 owners. This problem can be caused by incorrect assembly of the grill, improper cleaning, or over-use of the grease tray. 

If not properly managed, grease can build up inside of the grill and cause it to become dangerous to use.

It is important to regularly clean the grill and the grease tray. After each use, be sure to empty out any excess grease from the tray to prevent it from hardening or becoming stuck inside of the grill. 

Additionally, make sure that all components are securely assembled and tightened in order to avoid any leakage. 

If you experience any difficulty with your Traeger Silverton 620 due to poor grease management, it is recommended that you contact a professional for help.

5. Unreliable Ignition (Fix)

The Traeger Silverton 620 is one of the most popular pellet grills on the market today. Unfortunately, this grill may have an unreliable ignition system. 

The ignition can be faulty and may not always ignite the pellets. If you’re having trouble with your Traeger Silverton 620 grill, it could be due to an unreliable ignition system. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help alleviate this issue.

First, make sure that all connections are properly seated and the wiring is secured. This will help ensure that all of the electrical connections are in working order. 

More it, you should check to make sure that there is no debris blocking the flow of gas through the ignition system. If any obstructions are present, remove them as soon as possible.

6. Insufficient Storage Space (Fix)

The Traeger Silverton 620 grill is a great option for experienced grillers looking for an upgrade. However, it has one major downside: insufficient storage space. 

With only 560 square inches of grilling space, the Silverton 620 can be too small to cook multiple dishes at once or to entertain larger groups. 

Moreover, its small cabinet and modest pellet hopper capacity often leave grillers scrambling for storage solutions. 

The Silverton 620 can be a great option, but it’s important to consider its limited storage before investing in this product.

7. Contact Customer Service

If you experience any issues or problems with your Traeger Silverton 620, the best way to get a resolution is by contacting Traeger’s customer service team. 

By reaching out, you will have access to experienced professionals who can help diagnose and solve any potential problems that you may be facing.

Traeger’s customer service team can be reached via their website, over the phone, or through email. You can contact them from Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST.


The Traeger Silverton 620 is a great grill that offers plenty of features and options for both beginner and experienced outdoor chefs. 

While some issues may arise from time to time with this model, following basic maintenance protocols should help keep your grill running smoothly. 

With its sturdy construction, powerful heating capacity, wide temperature range, convenient digital controls and smoker box attachment for added smoky flavor, the Traeger Silverton 620 makes an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen setup. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable pellet grill that’s easy to use but packs enough power to handle just about anything you can throw at it – look no further than the Traeger Silverton 620!


Is the Traeger Silverton 620 worth it?

The Traeger Silverton 620 is a great choice for those wanting to get into the world of pellet grilling. It offers both convenience and performance, allowing you to easily cook restaurant-quality meals at home. 

It features WiFIRE technology, so you can monitor and adjust your cooking right from your smartphone or tablet. 

With its large grilling space and 6-in-1 capabilities, the Traeger Silverton 620 allows for wood-fired flavor on any cut of meat – pork, beef, poultry or seafood – with ease. 

Its spacious interior also makes it perfect for low & slow smoking sessions that will leave your friends and family in awe. 

Does the Silverton 620 have super smoke?

No, the Traeger Silverton 620 does not have super smoke feature. Super Smoke is a separate mode on other Traeger grills that produces an even more intense smoke flavor by reducing the temperature and increasing airflow. 

This feature is not available on the Silverton 620 model.

What is the max temp for Traeger 620?

The maximum temperature for a Traeger Silverton 620 is 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature allows you to easily grill, smoke, bake, roast and braise all types of food. 

However, with the time and temp control settings on the digital pro controller board included on this model, you can adjust temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit for more precise control and slow cooking options.

Does Traeger 620 have a smoke setting?

Yes, the Traeger Silverton 620 does have a smoke setting. This setting is designed to give food a smoky flavor without adding large amounts of heat. 

Using this setting can help add extra flavor and aroma to different types of recipes. The smoke mode can be adjusted depending on how much smoke flavor you would like the food to have.

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